Light Through the Darkness

What is next with this Covid-19 Virus???

There has been so much fear and darkness in regards to what is happening on our planet right now. With the uncertainty of what this Covid 19 virus will bring, everyone is chiming in with their opinions, their theories, and their criticism.

There are so many"camps" in regards to Covid-19 and its origin, it's cure, it's severity, and it's purpose.

Through all of this though, I am beginning to notice (as I'm sure others have) that the LIGHT is beginning to shine brighter through the darkness.

BFF Bonita <3

Let me share with you when I started to see it happen.

It was Easter Sunday, and I got a call from my BFF telling me she will be driving by my house in like 3 minutes. O.K. I guess drive-by's are o.k.... LOL

This dear sweet "highly immune compromised" friend, along with her every so patient man drove up to the front of our apartment, got out of the card to share this message with me. I couldn't speak, it totally brought me to tears, (still does). They had spent their day driving around to multiple families driveways to get out and hold up this sign (if you are thinking that they should have stayed home and remained contained...hush).

It physically cost her each time she got in and out of that car, I know it did; but her desire to share her heart was stronger, her need to hold up a sign that said, "Happy Easter, we love you" to say I LOVE YOU, You MATTER to me" was greater than pain. That was a representation of what Resurrection Sunday was about don't you think?

So what is next with this Covid-19 virus?

Next is, we love our way through the dark uncertain times.

We see what we are really made up of; Light or darkness!!!

What we feel and what we think about this whole Covid-19 ordeal doesn't matter really, it doesn't; what matters is how WE treat each other!!!

I don't want to spend my time adding to the growth of darkness, I want to; like Bonita, spend my time sharing the Light, love and ultimately God's love.

We are called to LOVE His people!!! That's it!!! And we are ALL His people.


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