Not GOOD Enough

Have you ever felt "not good enough", that you are broken, missing something?

For most of my life I have felt that, and for no good reason really.

I grew up in a safe, loving, Christian home; parents who loved me.

I have always known (with my ears) that I was loved, treasured actually, by a God who created me, but I haven't felt that in my heart; which is where I think we need to "hear" it.

At almost 53 years old having two marriages, and two divorces, several failed relationships, my belief that I am NOT GOOD ENOUGH is an even stronger feeling in my heart; or at least is WAS!!!

God has graciously brought a man into my life that is showing me that according to the King of kings, and the Lord of lords, the Creator of all... I AM GOOD ENOUGH, and not only good enough, I'm perfect. I am LOVED, exactly how I am. If I never changed a thing about me, God would love me as much as He does if I changed everything. Now because He does love me, He doesn't want me to stay broken, but He loves me even if I did.

God LOVES YOU EXACTLY who you are today, broken, shattered, mistrusting, unapproachable... all of it, HE LOVES YOU!!!

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